The Broken Nest – Part 2- Hey stranger!

My lawyer doesn’t look that smart. I don’t know if she is here to help or damage my case.Me, being the man, I was the biggest suspect. Nobody wasn’t even interested in listening to my side of the story. And my lawyer, her repetitive questions, the non-stop interrogation, I was beginning to doubt the whole process. Her name is Gunjan Jain. That’s the only thing I seem to know about her. She has been trying to get in my head since yesterday.

Gunjan: Since when and how do you know Isha-the woman who died?

My whole life flashed is front of me in one second. How good it was! Everything was perfect a few years ago.”Isha is my girlfriend since college. It has been six years I know her.” So,is Isha really dead?I felt confused. A part of me felt happy,just realizing that the everyday fights have finally ended. She used to cry a lot, repent on the decision of choosing me as her partner. She must be really happy now. That she is finally free of me. I missed her.Her touch,the smell of her hair.

“It was good 6 years ago. In fact, we started having regular fights around 2 years ago”

Gunjan: What did you guys fight about?

“Isha had started nagging and whining. Yes we went on dates and dinners,but somehow every night ended with an argument.”

Gunjan: Did you try therapy?Why didn’t you guys separate if it was so hard?

“I don’t know about her,but I could not imagine my life without her. I was used to having her around,getting back to home,to her. The arguments,the fights,I wanted to think that may be we had evolved into this,and this is a phase. I saw a lot of couples around having arguments. Which couple doesn’t quarrel?”

Gunjan: Well, I am sure there are no deaths involved!


Gunjan Continues :See, you have to understand that being your lawyer, I don’t want to know whether you killed her or not.However, to protect you I need to know the dynamics of your relationship. The prosecution will have a lot of things in their hand, and they will try to prove that it was you who murdered her in cold blood.So I need to know the whole thing to protect you.How was your relationship like?

“Just like any other couple. We had love,passion,hatred,cringed each other when we had each other around,missed each other when not around, embarrassed ourselves again and again.This is normal. Isn’t It?”

I paused for a moment and wondered if Isha felt the same. Or did she really hate me?Did she want to get rid of me?Did she finally fall out of love?


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